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In-Home Care

If you are considering part-time, full-time, or respite in-home care, we believe Good Shepherd Senior Care is your best option.

By staying home, seniors will receive exclusive one-on-one care that facilities do not offer. In addition, your loved one will enjoy surroundings that are familiar and comfortable, without the inconvenience of transitioning to another location.

When asked, 80% of seniors prefer home care over assisted living facilities and nursing homes. In-home care is also the most affordable option. In NW Arkansas in-home care averages $3,100/mo, while assisted living averages $4,500/mo, and Nursing Homes average $5,000/mo.

More importantly, the emotional support and companionship derived from constant interaction with an in-home caregiver help seniors avoid depression and inactivity. We are all are simply happier at home.

As one family member recently told us, “When Harold was in the rehab facility, he thought he was dying. When he came home with caregivers, he decided he had a reason to live.”

Let us help your loved ones enjoy their highest quality of life by letting our caregivers assist them at home. Call us today for a free in-home consultation. Our caregivers are dedicated, experienced, and well-trained.



Chip & Lory Brown, Owners

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